Saturday, July 2, 2011

ah, caffeine.... a delightful, rapid-fire, (caffeine-fueled) video lesson


From Grey's Blog.


The BEST visual in my mind is his estimation of what a bug might experience after snacking on coffee beans... *happy sigh*

BTW, if you watched this, some of us ingest caffeine-as-a-migraine-remedy the old fashioned way. Via, you know, drinking coffee.

He also said what my biochemistry teacher said lo these many years ago: people have been researching this drug for EVER and have found virtually nothing about it that is bad for us.

AND, since my college days, they've discovered important health benefits.

So, if it works for you, no worries.

k. done now.

coffee cup is empty.

must. be. remedied.



  1. Cute video. I don't like the taste of coffee but many in my family drink a lot of it. Plus the very thought of civet coffee makes me cringe.

  2. @Emma: Ah, yes. Civet coffee. When I first heard of this I thought "You MUST be joking."

    Now I'm concerned about a) humane treatment of civets b) people pilfering civets from their native habitat (wherein, no doubt, they have a multiplicity of ecological roles) to put them in coffee-eating jail. Therefore, I will not buy it. But, yeah.

    Just looked up honey and it is bee barf, tho' of a specialized kind and via their "honey stomach." Well, @ least that's what Wiki says... =)


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