Sunday, July 3, 2011

modern-day bustle for gardeners...

pockets full o' (seed) packets.

gardener's bustle by biobabbler
gardener's bustle, a photo by biobabbler on Flickr.


SO stylin'!



  1. Oh snap, that looks like seed tape!

  2. Way to go! Think how many more seed packets you could tote with cargo pants and a photographer's vest!

  3. =) Yes, planting went well, thanks. Gave up on carrot plot and replaced them all with corn.

    I can't believe it's July and I STILL HAVEN'T PLANTED SQUASH!!! Yikes.

    Why does "Oh snap" make me so happy? Perhaps I need to add that to my vocabulary. =)

  4. @Snail: wow, WAY more than I could get planted, I'm sure. =) That's partly why I wear roomy jeans when gardening. Room for goodies, and no constraints re: movement, etc.


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