Saturday, July 23, 2011

looking for really, really big mammals tomorrow...

Care to guess which?



Okay, 1 hint, now that we've had a guess.

My field guide says the following re: the species I'm most fervently hoping to see:
"length at birth, 23-25 ft."

As in FOUR bbs long as an INFANT.



  1. Great guess

    Bigger. =)

    Much bigger... =)

  2. ummm...i would guess whales...if you're heading to the coast that is!

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  4. If you hadn't said 'mammal', I would have opted for kraken. Although I suspect that krakens would be much smaller at ... er ... birth. (Yes, I have given this some thought.)

  5. Yes, my GOAL was a blue whale, but I had to "settle" for humpback whales. =)

    @Laura: Yes!!! Whales.

    FYI, I moderate all the comments, so if I'm away and not tending my e-mail, it can take a while for them to appear. I deleted your 2nd comment (as it was the same as 1st)

    @Snail: Wow, thanks for the GREAT word! Had to look it up. Cool. I would gladly have settled for a kraken, too, if it didn't take our boat down.

  6. ...settling for humpback whales!?? sounds like an excellent 'settle' to me!

    ('kraken'...i might not have known what that was, except i just picked up a bottle of black spiced rum the other day, name: Kraken...picture of big octopus on label!! :) )

  7. @Jodi: YES, precisely. Blue whale was my goal #1. =) Well done. =)

  8. :-) I miss whalewatching! We used to go every summer when I lived in Massachusetts. Now I'm in Maryland, I keep meaning to try locally but just never have the chance.

    Some years ago I went on a week-long Lindblad cruise off Baja CA for the gray whale migration. It was a super experience. I remember walking out on deck at night to listen to the whales breathing all around us. So cool. We also saw a single blue whale off in the distance one morning. It was just resting at the surface, a peaceful long dark ridge amid the waves.


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