Tuesday, July 26, 2011

no blues, but saw plenny humpback whale action

So, went looking for whales this last weekend.
Cruised into and around Monterey Bay.
Saw humpback whales.
No blue, but this was lovely,
and a first for me.

And with wildlife, you'd be wise
to gratefully accept that which you receive.

'Cause it really is not under your control.

Hence wildlife.

All of these picture are big, so please click on them for a better look.
I only cropped the one above a TINY bit,
so you can see how close they got to us.
(I don't have a powerful lens, yet...)

At this point, we're in neutral, 
bobbing on the glassy water, whales crusing around us,
zig-zagging in their pursuit of krill.

 There were 3. Mama, baby, and someone else.
Possibly a suitor??

 You can just see the pectoral fin underwater,
the white edged thing, in the photo above.

I also took some freaky water photos,
leaning over the edge of the boat.

So, bb is STILL strangely quiet,
but since a picture is worth a thousand words,
this post is long enough, already.




  1. Oh, that's fantastic! What a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

  2. Nice pictures BB! Your pictures make me want to get on a boat...I have been contemplating a pelagic trip this fall, its been a while.

  3. @Snail, yup, could be worse. Then, the seafood dinner afterward? Oh. my. curling. toes. CRAZY good.
    @SS: Yes, you should. It'd be a nice welcome-back-to-the-coast for you, post N.D.


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