Wednesday, July 27, 2011

so... I just heard a new noise, outside whilst in the dark...

At first I thought it might be a raccoon, so I went out, terrifying sword (plastic broom) in hand, ready to defend the hens.

Stood out there and heard calls that, since one came from not far up a pine tree, and it kinda sounded like a squirrel chuff, if squirrels were to chuff, didn't seem very raccoon-like. Maybe, say, a squirrel?

And I heard fainter return calls to my left, in between the calls from the creature on my right.


A tag team of squirrels making noises in the dark?

Seemed very unusual squirrel behavior.

Standing motionless in the dark, ears out, having already clicked the broom's safety-lock back on, I wondered. And looked left and right, squinting.

Then, something flew north from about four feet up the nearby tree, making the call I'd heard.

And its friend flew north, too, calling back.

Yup, apparently not a squirrel, biobabbler.

Probably a bird.

'Cause, you know, it flew.

Looked fairly substantially sized, in the pigeon realm.

Do owls make mild, little, possibly-mammal-sounding contact calls when hanging out near the households of curious broom-wielding blondes?

Happy for any suggestions from the peanut gallery. Will be looking up owl sounds tomorrow.

Right now, must continue cleaning, 'cause the ants are flirting with an invasion, sending numerous scouts afield...

G'night. =)




  1. Hey... maybe it was a flying squirrel! Just sayin'. ;-)

  2. =) @MD I did think of that, but it flew totally horizontally, so pretty unlikely, unless it was wearing a jet pack with a silencer. =) You never know...


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