Wednesday, July 6, 2011

photo quiz... a hint 4 u (ooh, and I get a little bio, so be warned)

So, I've received exactly ZERO guesses re: the identity of this pup.

I get it. It's not easy.

It IS, however, a fairly common annual herb used in cooking. At least, that is, by me. And the leaves you typically associate with this plant are not visible in this shot. This is the plant in BOLT mode, so things change when it's all about reproduction.

Interesting thing about this plant is its flavor: apparently there is a genetic thing where some people think it tastes great, and others think it tastes like soap.

Soap? Really? Apparently, I am not that genotype. I like it.

But it's interesting that they've figured out this "preference" is genetically based.

Like when I learned that some people can and some people cannot process the pigment in beets.

A friend said he'd eat a bowl of fresh, home grown, roasted beets (yum!) and later he'd (pardon) pee pink.

I've seen the effect on my chickens.

I thought maybe I'd never eaten enough beets. But, I HAVE eaten an entire bowl of them.

Then I learned. I probably have the genotype that can process (i.e. break down) the pigment, so if I ever pee pink, I need to call the doctor.

ANYhow, =) y'all have any guesses re: what this plant is, now? I bet someone knows about that taste thing...

Oh, and per usual, ANY super random guess is totally welcome. As I've said, the most random why-not-'cause-I-have-no-idea guesses are frequently the most entertaining.

Now I need to go buy chicken feed. Still working on GIANT report deadline, it's due TODAY, but the girls gotta eat!

Ah, life in the sticks.

=) Keeps things basic.



  1. I've never seen bolting cilantro before! (I'm assuming that's the "soap" taste, though I'm not one of those who tastes it like that.) Such a great word, "bolt"--makes me feel like the whole plant has made a break for it ("Tomorrow, we head to Mexico!")

  2. hooRAYYY! You got it. =) Nicely done!!

    YES, indeed. Bolt IS a great word and I like the imagery of them hopping into an old pickup and dashing southward.

    It is apt as they suddenly decide "WE GOTTA GO!!!" It's my fault. I threw a BUNCH of seeds out (had been sitting in jar on my counter in kitchen for, oh, YEARS) and never thinned them. Then pretty much got a cilantro lawn.

  3. Yes, Hugh, ABsolutely. Great work!!! Ding Ding Ding!


  4. Ah, that's what it looks like when it bolts. Can't grow it here --- too hot and wet and there are too many little teeth --- but I love it.

    And beetroot ... well, it's almost a national vegetable in Australia.

    I'll stop now before I drool, Homer Simpson-style, on the keyboard and short it out.

  5. Yum, a cilantro yard. That's an odd asym flower, so I had to look up the family and then it was duhh, umbel. How about this word associated with the delicious cilantro - schizocarp? yours truly, the pink pee princess.

  6. 1. Wow, you guys are SO funny. BOTH made me laugh out loud & I'm not even totally awake, yet. =)
    2. I admire anyone who is set to drooling by root vegetables and herbs. Great visual re: HS. =)
    3. Yes, umbel, totally makes sense! =) schizocarp? Alright, looking it up... =)


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