Thursday, August 18, 2011

1st bean harvest (!), sleepy bees, and snuggly cats

First bean harvest of the year. Yay!!

 The bean teepee has turned into a bean jungle.
I've got beans in 2 other places, too.

Sleepy Bombus (yellow-faced bee, B. vosnesenskii, per my
previous bee ID adventure) warming in the sun
on pole bean leaves.
(This one's pretty sharp, so good for zooming...)

Another sleepy bee clinging to bean leaf, nicely hidden.
This one started grooming by the time I left,
apparently warming up. =)

My sophisticated bean basket.
Typically, I cradle the harvest in whatever shirt I'm wearing.

I was making fun of myself for doing this,
and my friend, who's an organic farmer,
said she does the same thing. Hooray! A professional.

Beans are sticky!

 Bowl o' beans = new smell for kitty.

Typically the kitties like to use them as chew toys.
The above cat selected one to his liking,
and being aware of this proclivity, I supplied our black,
napping kitty with his own, too,
laying it next to him on the cushion.

However, it's since been obscured by something stripey...

 Maybe the beans taste better warmed.




  1. Your beans are reaching for the sky---you'll have a wonderful harvest for a bit.
    The kitties are precious.Looks like they get along well!

  2. =) Yes, I provided places for them to climb, but they want to climb HIGHER. I do love green beans, so I'm stoked.

    I'm so glad the cats DO get along. It's good to know they have company when we're away, and someone warm and fuzzy to use as a pillow.

  3. Time to harvest all those things we have been tending all summer. I, for one, am certainly ready to eat nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables.


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