Friday, August 19, 2011

Phriday photo quiz: my neighbor is apparently a skilled gardener...

I am kitty sitting for them, and also get to glean goodies from their garden.

Check these pups out--got them for the chickens. Note the coffee maker is a NORMAL SIZED coffee maker, 13 inches tall.

What DOES she do over there?!?


QUIZ: What ARE these giant things?

And DON'T look at the comments until you have your guess ready. The answer is already there, but I HAD to post the comments/guesses 'cause 1 was such a riot. Proving again, my blog visitors are brighter and funnier than I. =)



  1. Oooh, gorgeous! Looks like steroidal chard!

  2. *cough*photo name*cough*

    Silverbeet in Oz. I discovered the other day that it comes with different coloured stems. I'm sure everyone else has known that forever, but it came as a delightful surprise to me. (Yes, I do have a low threshold.)

  3. @Olivia, yes. =) Swiss chard. And IT'S SO HUGE I felt like I was picking leaves from a dinosaur plant.

    @Snail: THANK YOU!! =) Iamadork. Yes, I've tried to grow rainbow chard several times, but not successfully. This straight up kind, clearly, at least did very well in her garden, tho', as I indicated, she is SKILLED. =)

  4. At first, it looked like a sea turtle cake. But after closer inspection, I see it's chard:)
    Chris at Las Aventuras

  5. Hey! @Chris: At first I didn't get it, then I looked at the picture again, and you are TOTALLY RIGHT! It DOES look like a sea turtle. Nice work! =)

  6. Lawks, it looks exactly like a sea turtle! Love it.

    Perhaps you can persuade your neighbour to give rainbow chard a go. That'd be a treat for the eyes as well as a boon to the tummy.

  7. @Snail--that's a good idea. I've tried a few times, but perhaps I'll try again. =)


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