Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-changes: If you've not noticed...

I've added pages to this blog, wherein I will house the species I have identified (frequently with your help), so I can work on cumulative learning vs.
"ooh, cool!"
(one one-thousand, two one-thousand)
... annnd delete-from-brain.

mantid on our house 2 days ago; it's amazing how they can defy gravity so well.

Also, then I'm not embarrassed by asking, say, skepticalmoth 
to identify a moth species he's already kindly identified for me. =)

Different day = different moth, right?

Uh, no.

(this fairy moth isn't the one, tho' he did identify this one for me, too)

Check out upper right hand corner of the white space under "Pages" (such a clever name!): home, plants, hymenoptera, and "what's what" which explains them.

Hope your weekend is moving along nicely. I am finding that I cannot stop picking beans.

It's VERY relaxing.

Very zen.


Much like doing owl limpet plots, believe it or not.




  1. Katie, Katie, Katie.

    YOU are a good part of my inspiration to get a bit organized, and YOU of course caught the incommentability (hee!) of the new pages. THANK YOU. And, come to think of it, are you ALSO the one who told me how to add pages?

    YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!! =) Thanks.

    Comments are ON, and I am looking forward to looking up the plant you named for a little game of compare and contrast.

    And LOTS of raw material coming down the pike as yesterday hiked at 7,000 feet in Yosemite and counted flower species along the way: at least 43, so go pics of some to identify. SWEET!

    =) bb


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