Saturday, August 13, 2011

adult katydid in the garden, lovely green, with red eyes

These are all large photos, so clicking on them will be rewarded.

Based on my reading, this is a female.

It moved gingerly, once I made it nervous,
moving slowly forward on the cosmos flower.
I left, so it could continue doing whatever it needed to do.

I remember thinking "Hm, I thought they'd be faster."

Only when I looked at the photos on the computer
did I realize it was missing 2 of 6 legs.
One of the missing legs was its giant jumping rear leg. Yikes!

I'd say if you're missing 1/3 of your walking appendages,
being ambulatory at all is an accomplishment.

Will try and figure out its genus (or whatever I can) soon.
Anyhow, three (apparent) katydids in a week.




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