Friday, August 12, 2011

so... is this a katydid?

These are all pretty big pictures, so feel free to click for a closer look.
They are cropped, so clarity isn't spectacular, 
but you run with the horses you've got.

Or, so I hear. =)

"I don't want my picture taken..."

Seems the resting pose is antennae together...

Eventually I paid it enough attention, it separated its antennae,
lifting one up for a whiff of the goingson.
Until then, I couldn't be certain that there were 2 appendages.

Playing around in, it looks a bit like other creatures in the Scudderia genus, home to Scudder's bush katydids, specifically, the nymphs. They are a subset of the subfamily Phaneropterinae, false katydids.

Not sure what they did to be called false...

Of course, this being a pretty darn dry place, with lots of bleached blonde grass, this creature is suitably colored to blend in, versus many of the green creatures pictured in bugguide.

However, the Scudderia section does say:

"We made a no taxon page for the young katydid nymphs with the striped antennae which are all apparently in the genus Scudderia but not identifiable to species. It is quite likely that nymphs of Inscudderia are also included among these."

Considering my little creatures (2 different individuals, cozied up to my door frame) do not have obviously striped antennae, I still may have a ways to go to get an ID.

I really am not an entomologist, so if anyone has any thoughts re: confirming or correcting my guess, please feel free.

I wanna learn.




P.S. Killer Moth Update

Another day, another sighting of the moth which parasitizes paper wasps. It's resting on our window screen, in the shade, south wall, about 10 feet from the nearest wasp nest. =)

Funny how you can learn something in biology, and what initially had looked like a dull, peaceful scene, a moth just hanging out, turns out to be a scene filled with intrigue and the possibility of a gruesome death, worthy of the most dramatic Hitchcock music.

Mwa ha ha ha ha....

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  1. A very interesting bug. I clicked on each picture for a better look.


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