Thursday, August 11, 2011

random bio vocab quiz

The above photo is apropos of nothing (it's big, so feel free to click). I just like it. =)
Well, and it's kindof how I feel right now, having woken up at 3 a.m.
WIDE awake and a little off.... =)

This phrase has been in my head (though thankfully, lightly) for several days.
Time to make it a quiz, then define and explore it.

medulla oblongata

Please submit your without-looking-it-up guesses, including fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants wild proposals, via comments, and they will be posted. The most accurate submittals will a) be lauded, b) be posted LATER, so folks can have a chance to be as slick as thou.

'der ya go. datsit.



  1. i love the sound of that word...just rolls off the tongue...after registering in the brain... brain stem!

  2. If I remember my biology correctly, the medulla oblongata is part of the brain. I believe it controls involuntary functions like heart beat and breathing.

  3. may I just say you guys are a bunch of smarties and I have YET to get a guess I can post ('cause submittals are correct, so far). =) Patience, grasshopper...

  4. The section of the brain that makes you mull over your obligations. Apparently not present in non-mammals.

  5. hee. Nice, Cindy. Okay, now that I've had coffee cup #2 I get the joke even more. Made me laugh before I got the whole mulling (medula) oblongata (obligations). Delightful. =)


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