Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fire fire fire, & biobabbler hears a Who

Bear is working today because of this:

Photograph of the Motor Fire from Yosemite Wildland Fire group, on Facebook.

And this a.m. it is 91 dF at 938 a.m. at our house,
and we are higher in elevation than El Portal (site of the fire),
so it'll be hotter there.

Wishing a safe day for everyone involved in this fire.

A television report called this the Yosemite Fire.

Let's be clear:

It's a US Forest Service fire, it does not (at least as of early this a.m.) involve even an acre of National Park Service land. The NPS being, of course, the landowner and manager of Yosemite National Park.


Which, is why Bear posted on Facebook today the above boo-boo by the press as the reason why the USFS is not a huge fan of Yosemite.

If I were a USFS person, particularly those involved in dealing with this fire, Stanislaus NF (north of Merced River) or Sierra NF (south of the Merced) folks, I'd feel like one of the Whos in Whoville:

We are here! We are here!

Here's the YouTube version of Horton Hears a Who: zoom to 8:00 if you want to see the pivotal moment.

ANYhow, point is the US Forest Service is the main land owner right now, not the NPS, despite what one might interpret from the press.

And I JUST took this picture out my back door:

It's big, so you can click and zoom.
Bear says it's a slurry bomber.

It's a busy weekend, here.
Here's a pretty official source of info on the fire, if you are interested.

Speaking of, I have to go make the chicken wading pools,
and clean out their water towers, refill,
and include ice cubes 'cause it's already over 90 degrees.

Hope you all are well, and stay comfortable, safe, and dry.



P.S. As of 4:17 p.m. we're up to about 19 slurry bomber passes overhead.

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