Friday, August 26, 2011

Phriday photo quiz, what do I weigh? + Garden panic

Me being the beans pictured below, harvested this a.m.

They're sitting on a large platter (well, larger than our normal plates),
and there's a quarter visible for scale.

Poor camera: bright sunshine on plastic
and BLACK ninja-kitty in same frame.

Didn't harvest for 2 or 3 days.


So, what does this pile of beans weigh?

 Closest guess by 8 a.m. Monday wins.

 And none of this "closest without being over" 
silliness--that's such an arbitrary cut off.

Statistically, it makes no sense to me,
and as a former stats nerd, I'm not gonna stand for it.

The prize, as usual, is GLORY.

And, if you have a blog, we'll link to it
so my 3+ blog readers will FLOOD your site
with traffic and you'll become rich.

Garden Panic

It's finally hit that time of year
where the yield is starting to freak me out.

 (peppers from SF farmer's market)
The pepper plants have all swooned from the burden of bounty,
languishing on the ground for want of extra support 
(or a better caretaker).

I'm now afraid of the tomatoes.

 (also from SF f.m.)

  Don't even want to check them.
Just walk by, averting my gaze,
trying to concentrate on other things.
The gardening equivalent of plugging your ears and humming
to not hear what you don't want to hear.

Traaa la la, la la.

So, Bear is dealing with the park fire,
and his wife is intimidated by tomatoes.

Go figure.




  1. I'll say 8 lbs, 4 oz.
    As for the peppers--I'm so jealous I could burst. I have ONE plant, and it has TWO peppers on it. That's it. No Stuffed Peppers for me this year!

  2. =) So far, Sue, you are the closest.

    Aw, re: peppers. Sorry =(

    I've never had much luck with them, but better this year than others. Apparently my decision to blow off the big California peppers, and opt instead for cherry peppers and the usual poblano, was a good one. Gets cool at night here, so they may not be wild about that.

    Gonna pick a bunch of red cherry ones when it cools down and I can stand to leave the house.

  3. my garden was a flop this year. it was deer feed!
    my guess on the beans...minus the ninja would be...oh, about 5.5 lbs. no idea really...LOVE those peppers too! yum!!

  4. @Laura K: Sorry about your garden. =(

    If we didn't have 6-8 foot fence around my garden, it'd be deer food every year. Even now they're eating every bean leaf that pokes through the garden fence.

    Your beans guess is now the closest... =)

  5. I'm afraid I'm tardy with my bean-weight guess. I work in kilos but I can convert for backward, non-metric folk. I reckon they'd clock in at 6 lbs. What do you DO with all these veggies (other than feed your obviously starving pets)?

  6. Hee. Well, Lynda, I'm late, too. Got side tracked by all the fire stuff, so I'm calling your entry as on time. =) I'll post the announcement re: winner today.

    Oh, man, the chickens don't even LIKE the beans. And I TRIED to give just half that giant bag away and Bear would have none of it. No! We'll eat them all.

    Really? Right now I'm just avoiding eye contact with them when I open the fridge... Gotta figure out something. Summer green bean casserole? Really, tho', I just love steamed with salt and garlic powder (fresh) and, of course, butter. YUM! =)

  7. wow, I'm a little slow. Yes, Lynda, clearly the black kitty is on the brink of starvation. Funny, the other cat, who is food oriented, is not very interested, but this black one is fascinated by green beans. Will sniff the pile for minutes, and select one, pull it out with his teeth, then try to chew it. I think he loves the smell, kinda like grass. =)


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