Wednesday, September 14, 2011

after the storm

Ran around the Mariposa Grove yesterday,
then got to Glacier Point (both in Yosemite)
just when a lightning storm arrived.
Jagged white bolts zapped down into the valley's rainy mist,
and stunned the wet, granite wall by North Dome.

FABULOUS landscape of black, white, and 10,000 shades of gray;
wind, rain, blinding flashes, and huge, rumbling thunder.

Thor was having a good time. =)

Didn't have camera out much, as you might guess,
but did snap these when we briefly stopped outside of the park.

One of the most spectacular sunsets I've seen in my life,
thanks to that storm.

It's JUST getting started in the shots above.

Next, once I figure out what it is,
I'll post a shot of an orchid we met
along a fen in the Mariposa Grove.



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