Monday, September 12, 2011

Super colorful mystery resident of sunflower face

Here s/he is...

Close up

Per Sue, this is a red-shouldered stink bug, presumably Thyanta pallidovirens. Wow, Sue's quick, fired out that answer within minutes of posting.

LOVE my smarty blog readers!! =)

Sun comets, streaking through space.

There's such motion and fire in their form.


Today, planning to yank "failure to thrive" tomato plants
and plant peas and broccoli.
I hate pulling live plants,
not even sure if I've done it yet,
but frankly,
they've looked so poorly all summer,
it'll be a relief.

And then, brand fresh baby plants! =)

I do love a good cotyledon...



  1. It's a red shouldered stink bug. Doesn't do much damage---and they stink when you squish them!

  2. Oh, goodie, thank you SO MUCH! =)

    I'm not much of a bug squisher, hence the oval holes in so many of my tomatoes this year (urf). Plus, this guy's so beautiful, it's really doing a disservice to nature's palate.

    Glad to put a name to a face.

  3. I am envious of said stink bug...looks like a nice place to live.


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