Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm lookin' over, a 4 leaf clover... **BLINDING FLASH**

Super cutie just outside our front door, last night.
I'm guessing sub-adult from size and non-beefy-ness.

Second and final photo (didn't want to harass the guy),
as it tried to hide under the edge of our house
to dodge that tall, goofy chick with the camera....

It's a California toad, Anaxyrus boreas halophilus,
formerly known as western toad, Bufo boreas halophilus.

When I see these guys, I think "wee-toe!"
as in WETO, as in the 4 letter code you write down
on your data sheet (WEstern TOad) or in the GPS unit
to record the species observed.

If you use that 4-letter-code enough,
sometimes it replaces the name of the species in your brain.
The only was I can remember
the scientific name of Elgaria multicarinata,
is starting with ELMU, and working backwards,
 thanks to years of fieldwork in San Diego. =)

Whatever works!!

Talked to Bear this a.m., 'cause yesterday,
after reading Burbon, Bastards, and Birds' post,
I decided we must go birding this weekend.

And then last night I dreamed I was sitting in
  a downstairs room in our house, and saw these right outside the window.

photo by Rufous-crowned Sparrow
 And, to be honest, when you see them in person,
they are WAY more impressive. STUNNERS!

 About 10 of them.

And in my dream they were bigger than in real life,
with long tails, the black was jet black,
the yellow was (as in life) so intense,
and, for my viewing pleasure, they flew slowly.


So, in my dream I didn't get a picture of those,
but I did get a shot of these which,
of course, are a normal part of fall migration
in the Sierra foothills...

photo: Leonhard F from

These are red-crowned amazons, Amazona viridigenalis.
These are close to what I saw, though mine had more red
on their bodies. Got a shot of 4-5 perched (magically)
on our window. From just lying down on the carpet.

Per Wiki:
"Their natural range is across the lowlands of northeastern Mexico. Feral birds have bred in urban communities of southern California, southern Florida, and the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Birds in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas may be either feral, descendants of natural vagrants from Mexico, or both."

Therein lies the beauty of dreams. =)

Wanna take photos of migrating flocks of Amazonian parrots
from your bedroom floor, in the Sierran foothills? No sweat.

And more proof that at least some times I dream in color.

Got any outdoor plans coming up,
for migrating birds, or anything else?
Or any rockin' full-color nature dreams?


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