Friday, September 23, 2011

nature geek tags along w/ golfers on a gorgeous Midwestern fall day

The goal for these 2, Bear and his dad, is golf and relaxation...

on a STERLING, Midwestern fall day, 50 dF.

bb, on the other hand, brings binoculars and camera...

jogs off trail to "water hazards" to look for tracks...

squats at dandelions to visit local bees...

stares up at stained glass trees...

takes a quick picture, then leaves a nervous turtle alone...

is drawn off course, toward sunflowers,

so discovers a marshy, boggy mystery,
lurking in the background

and basically spends the afternoon on a wild goose chase,

happy as a clam.


P.S. a few more from-the-plane flight shots,
and a goose ID mystery to solve, later. =)


  1. What part of the Midwest are you both visiting? I live in Missouri, thought if you were nearby we could meet and go for a hike. :o)

  2. =) Hee, that'd be fun! However, we are in North Dakota, so it'd be kind of a long drive. =) Maybe some day!

    I went hiking with a friend we visited in Kansas (which is not on way to anywhere, we discovered), we were in some nature-kinda park, and I dropped to the ground to stare at a BEAUTIFUL tiger beetle (did't know that was what it was at the time), I exclaimed something along the lines of "ohmyGoditssobeautiful!" and my friend said "I've missed you." =) Apparently none of the women she met in Kansas dropped to their knees to look at bugs. Except her.

    SO, I think following YOU around (bug expert that you are) would be SUPER fun. =)


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