Wednesday, September 21, 2011

uh, may I have a window seat, please?



More to come.



  1. Oh me too. You better let me have the window or I'm gonna lean across the person who has it the whole flight. On one mega-trip I flew around the world, window all the way. I think I flew over the thing in your picture too, or something very much like it, from SFO to Vancouver.

    That's your planet down there, only one you got. Look!

  2. AWEsome. =) TOTALLY AGREE on all counts.

    We were flying from SMF (I like to say SMurF but it's Sacramento) to Minneapolis. Heaven heaven heaven. Happily for other passengers just 3 days ago I figured out how to turn off the beepy thing on my camera, so it was pretty quiet... Flight around the world?!? JEALOUS!!! =)


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