Monday, October 31, 2011

gardening block overcome, rewards subsequently reaped

Everyone, including beans I'm stripping
to get bean plant to resume production.

Mostly cherry toms + 2 ancho peppers.

Tomatillos 'n' little peppers (some sweet, some hot).

A few of the tomatillos are as big as regular tomatoes.
Apparently these pups thrive on neglect.
That and an accidentally deep planting bed,
probably 'cause it catches & keeps more water.

Some of the tomatillos w/husks look like
little green jack o' lanterns to me, so it's kinda seasonally apt.

Anyhow, I'm loving all this color.

Happy Halloween, everyone! =)



  1. *checks clock*

    Happy Halloween.

    That's a good haul from the garden. Have you tried those teeny yellow pear tomatoes? They are the sweetest. (Especially if you forget they're supposed to be yellow and leave 'em on the plant for ages, waiting for them to turn red. Not that I would be that daft, you understand. That happened to...uh...a friend.)

  2. yum!! looks great. what a haul! my problem with growing the little grape or cherry that i eat most of them before i can get them into the house!

  3. Wow...nice pepper haul. Looks delish.


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