Monday, October 31, 2011

where the Ahwahnee meadow web cam lives...

here's the view that the Ahwahnee meadow webcam
generally provides (tho' it's down right now):

I took this pic this weekend.

This is the house where it lives.

I don't think it's a secret, 'cause I noticed all on my own, and thought, hey, that must be "that webcam." So, I'm thinkin' it's okay to share this. Officially this is my guess, but I'm betting I'm right. What a cute HOUSE!! And what a view.

Anyhow, my few pics from the east side are pretty underwhelming (got out really late when light was low, and then early, same thing), so in lieu of glamorous photos is today's contribution: data. =)


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  1. oh i want to be there!! and what a cute little house! with a view like that, i would never get anything else they need a caretaker?!! :)


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