Monday, October 3, 2011

isn't a broccoli plant supposed to make broccoli?

This lovely plant has not made any broccoli looking thing EVER.

I planted it way too late last fall, it was TINY all winter long (say, 3 inches??), then in spring, I'd almost forgotten about it, and it GREW, saying, in effect, "We are here! We are here!"

Okay, then.

Watered, fertilized a bit, the usual. Grew like mad.

But, no broccoli. No little sprouts anywhere.

Gorgeous blue silver leaves, yes, so aesthetically,
it's already pulling its weight.
However, shouldn't FOOD arrive at some point?
And it's now October... it's almost a year old.

This happen to anyone else, out there?

Scratching Head,



  1. Yep, same here. Maybe they don't like the west?

  2. Well, that's an interesting thought. I have a friend who grows it in the Midwest (Kansas, at the time) and it FLOURISHED. hmm.... Thanks for the verification!! =)

  3. apparently there is this thing called "google" that knows a lot of stuff.

    here, I heard if you go here it might help:

  4. @ZR, well, lo, Google, that IS a cool thing. And it works for searches other than broccoli! Thanks!

    =) Hee. Really, it's fun for me to see what the blog visitors know, more fun that googling it, but point taken,and I am way heading toward that link. I DO now VAGUEly recall that this is an over wintering broccoli, so maybe it's tiny 4" high stage didn't count the 1st year, and this year, after some good, cold weather, it'll crank out some florets?

    Wow, just tried your link. That is a RIOT. Amazing sarcasm via a url. NICE. =)


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