Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seeing stars that are seldom seen

via Philip Plait at Google+, and can also be watched here.

The wagging pole - Night watch from Graham Gaunt on Vimeo.

Great stuff, and I was particularly struck by the image starting at 1:49. WOW!

I'm kind of a freak for shots looking UP at land that is quite near, & just the sky behind it is visible, so you have no idea what's beyond that hill.

Sort of like driving across a flat intersection in some of the steepest hills in San Francisco, but in reverse. As you edge toward the crazy DROP of the block ahead of you, you see your car's hood ahead of you, and SF dropping precipitously all around, but you cannot actually see the road that your car is, in theory, going to land on/drive upon. Yow!!

Anyhow, apparently what's most exciting about the above video is that this part of England is seldom cloud free, so it was a special treat to see the stars traveling by in that part of the world.



Hey, btw, down a few posts is a geology quiz (shot taken from 30k feet in the American west) that you can answer by zooming around in Google Earth. If I get no more guesses by Monday, I'll post another hint.

And remember, your reward is the GLORY of being GENIUS in a public forum. =)

Hooray, you!! =)

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