Monday, October 10, 2011

lawn art: a cryptic post



It's amazing the degree to which deer can disappear,
just by settling down in the grass.

Wiki's post on camouflage has some cool photos,
if you want to explore the subject a bit more.




  1. I thought I saw the rack and nose of a buck sticking out of a grassy bowl yesterday but I was too excited at the huge alligator lizard I was watching to pull out my binocs. Then as I was creeping up on the lizard, I heard a huge crashing sound in the nearby forest and thought, yep, buck in the rut, that's here-now. No camouflaging that racket. I wonder what the lizard was thinking, maybe just "give me a few more weeks of sun."

  2. it's kinda fun to see where they've been...when we wander out back, we can see obvious trails through the underbrush...and in the hay-like fields...the patches of grass flattened out from the deer resting or bedding down.
    they sure can camo GOOD. especially when they're standing 'oh so still'...


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