Friday, October 7, 2011

the giant hole in all of our heads, a HUGE CAVE of space

otherwise known as the sinus cavity.

Sounds mundane, but LOOK AT THIS X-RAY!

Photo by Mnolf

HUGE empty space IN OUR HEAD!

I realize there are lots of sensors,
soft tissue, etc. there,
but the first time I saw something like this
during a college lecture, my jaw dropped.

No WONDER my voice resonates in my head
and sounds so different than what everyone else hears.
It's like in my head is the acoustic equivalent
of a small, tiled bathroom.

WARNING: a little gross, but not super gross.

This came to mind, so to speak, today
because I made some really lovely,
light-as-air, fluffy scrambled eggs.

And then walked while eating them.


So, yes, aspirated the eggs.

After much coughing and spluttering and honking,
something novel occurred.

Bright, fluffy, happy-looking,
perfect scrambled eggs, in small portions,
appeared in my tissue when I blew my nose.

Incredulous, I blew my nose again.
1. needed to, but, really,
2. to be sure it just wasn't some
rogue food that'd attached to my hand
or shirt and fell into said tissue
(i.e., science dork question: "Is it repeatable?").

Yup. There was more where that came from.

So, this freaky occurrence reminded me
that in our heads is a GIANT interconnected CAVITY.

For some reason, it freaks me out.




  1. So that's how those rice grains got in my tissue!
    Good article... faring where few dare to go!

  2. Nope, didn't freak me out. And since you're a biologist (like me) I'll bet you're really ok with it too. Knowing the plumbing helps... Funny post!

  3. The big freaky hole makes perfect sense from an engineering standpoint--keeps our heads from being front-heavy and giving us all permanent football player necks.


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