Thursday, October 6, 2011

okay, that was weird: Steve Jobs dies, I write a 5 hr post, & get nothing done

Spent about 100 hours today writing a post on Steve Jobs
and life with a dad who has cancer
(been there, done that)
& now I'm not even sure I'm gonna post it.

Maybe I can chalk it up to therapy?

Short version:
cancer sucks, but if a parent of young kids is diagnosed,
and then survives for a few additional years,
it can render a good parent great
re: life lessons taught to the kid.

By example.

Long version:
is epic.
A tome.
As in the-Illiad-is-really-just-a-poem kinda long.

And no pictures.

So, not sure it'll get posted,
and now I'm behind re: work,
so gotta go grad-school, drink coffee, and work late.

Anyhow, my deepest sympathies to the Jobs family
and everyone else who's suffered such a loss.

I do know this sort of thing has changed me,
so that I stare longer at beautiful, mysterious things,

and just soak them up,

because I can.


  1. Writing is a perfect way to really "think" through things, particularly something as consuming as losing a parent to a long illness. I lost my mom to a LONG battle with diabetes, so though they are totally different, I can certainly sympathise with what you went through. I agree-you look at life differently......I guess some good comes out of it.
    Best to you!

  2. @Sue: Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, I completely agree re: writing helps clarify and process feelings. Can't imagine the kind of thing you went through, yikes. Best to you, too.xoxoxo


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