Friday, November 11, 2011

new, classier photo quiz: who's butt is this?


annnnnnd closer...

Was delighted at the opportunity to photograph this
particularly fetching fanny.

Looking for the species name. =)

Super speedy & accurate guesses may be posted
a bit later so the rest of us also can have a crack at it.

If you don't know, don't let that stop you.
Lesson # 1 in science: it's okay not to know.
And for this, it's 100% safe to guess.



  1. Some sort of flicker-type birdie? (Well, I'm confident that it's a bird.)

  2. flicker butt. can't miss that color of orange. the first time I was amazed by that color was when looking at the tiny decorative feathers in the native Californians (Pomo?) baskets at a Sacramento museum and then saw a headdress made out of many of these Creamsicle-colored feathers.
    super nice shot you got there. What are the flickers doing in your yard? In mine they are eating persimmons

  3. Some sort of flicker? I don't know western birds but I just wanted to comment that I love the "newer classier" line...

  4. ?? a speckled ?? I haven't seen a bird quite like that. I'm guessing a head shot would be obvious to anyone who has seen the whole bird.

  5. @ Elephant's Eye: Well, you ARE a resident of South Africa, and I am in the California Sierran foothills. =) That's pretty major...

    I've got a good # of correct answers, but holding on to them until Monday so a few more folks can fling a guess without the answer. One of my correct answerers refers to feathers on this bird's bum that appear in old Native American crafts (clothing, etc.).

    Yes, if you were local and saw a headshot, you'd know it as it's a pretty noticeable bird. =) However, isn't that a lovely bum?!? =)

  6. i bet it's a flicker butt!

    i would have said uh...a bird with a swallowtail...but since most here are guessing Flicker...i'll go along with the masses!

    (nice butt-shot)


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