Friday, November 25, 2011

thriving on neglect...

bb's garden, be it ever so freaky...
tired cherry toms and vibrant chrysanthemums

all the chrysanthemums (4) I bought for $1 each 2 years ago on sale,
end of season scraggly, skinny, tall things, planted them,
they took root, survived the winter, and got BIG.

broccoli & chrysanthemum friends


carrots living in a corn forest

stringed beans

tiny, adorable volunteer melon

empty tomatillo husks

the overview: not pretty

But, it all depends upon where you look.
Hunker down among the mums, and it's gorgeous.



  1. Ha ha! I love the final shot. Your garden is fantastic. I love your "alternative" methods :)

  2. Okay, ladies (if you ever revisit this):

    1. @ JN NOW I know where I got my new batch of profanity riffs (blanky mcblankster) -- apparently YOU! They've been surprising folks as they fly out of my mouth.

    2. JBY: =) Hee. Glad you like it. Trying to be non-judgmental re: my, oh, let's say, laissez-faire gardening style of late. =) xo

  3. this looks my garden, only mine is much more neglected. I just hope my family raspberry plant makes it through another winter!


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