Monday, November 21, 2011

A new meaning to canvasback (canvas buck?) fm. 10 min ago

Was walking towards a doe south of our house, slowly,
with camera in hand, padding across living room floor,
then noticed at my left elbow, this handsome creature.

Took 2 pics, then slowly left as I'd clearly surprised him.

Minutes later, looking for evidence
that I'd not scared him off our property, I found him steadily eating.
First manzanita berries, then many, many nice, fatty acorns. =)

Tho' these aren't all nicely focused
(and are crops of march larger images),
I just love the shadows of the oak on the buck's body.



And I'm glad we got our shed painted red.
A good background for this gorgeous creature.



  1. i get SO excited when i see deer out back...and he sure is a beauty! i've never seen a buck in the yard...only does...but i'm sure he's back behind the tree line...watching...

    great shots! and the red shed does make for the perfect backdrop!

    gobble gobble

  2. =) Yes, deer are perpetually gorgeous and elegant, like horses.

    Re: gobble gobble, go here for my reply:

    (a.k.a. backatcha!) =)

  3. He's not going to go far with all that food around! What a great animal to have around your property.

  4. good lord, he's giving you the sweetest face ever. Puppy dog eyes on a deer? Come on!


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