Tuesday, January 24, 2012

more icy miracles

STILL working on project deadline.
Intend to be less dull anon.

=) Meanwhile, more magic from Tenaya Lake
before we (hooorayyyy!) finally got precipitation.

So, so beautiful.

Nature is such a stunner.



  1. Wowza! Makes me miss winter!

  2. Amazing. Messes with my brain trying to sort out light and depth.

  3. I like the ones when you're jumping into hyperspace.

  4. More beautiful ice pics! (Not ice picks.) Number four is extraordinary.

    Now I will have to take a look at the ice cubes before I drop them into this here gin and tonic.

  5. @Snail:
    1. I LOVE that people who visit my blog are 10,000% more funny than I--cheers! (clink!)
    2. Number 4 freaked me out. How DID that happen?!? Some slow-motion gaseous explosion that got caught in the freeze? I have no idea. I just STARED at it, agog. =)

  6. Popping by to say hi...
    Caught up in these brilliant images: Kudos, my friend!
    Especially hearing that you're working on deadline and managed to post.
    Time is all too short these days,
    just not enough to go round;D

  7. Two things: you are doing quite a bit better than I with your camera (any kind of macro/zoom is like quantum physics for me), and we both seem to enjoy looking at a lake when it's frozen. Sometimes I find fish and other little odds and ends stuck in there. I get nervous when I hear it cracking, especially if I'm ice skating at the time.

    Christine B. in Alaska

  8. these are INSANE! I want more! freaking awesome!


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