Thursday, January 19, 2012

waiter, there's a bird in my coffee...


Discovered during sleepy-eyed attempts to make coffee, this a.m.

Can anyone identify this species?

Here's a side view of same, in a rare moment of stillness:

It looks like a juvenile, which may make species identification more challenging...

Thanks for any help you can lend. =)



  1. you must be a blast in the morning

  2. =) @ Sue: you may be right. Sounds v. good!

    @Cindy, my husband is the one who did that. What a delightful creature. =) And it's perfect 'cause I'll only peer into there when I'm barely conscious, early in the a.m., 100% vulnerable to surprise.

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  4. @River Mud: I posted your message automatically before I realized it was a message to my, not a response to the post, per se. =) oops. As I mentioned elsewhere: spaz.


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