Saturday, March 3, 2012

Anyone... anyone? More coastal grooviness to remedy blank stares...

=) I'm beginning to wonder if the comments field is broken.

So, to aid your efforts re: Phriday's Photo Quiz, photo phood phor you.

the biggest hint 

lichen & sandstone freakiness I love so much I could gnaw on it

I have issues re: succulents. Nestled in a lichenous lair? *happy sigh* 

Seriously. INSANELY beautiful sandstone. JEEPERS.
And this does NOT capture it.

Does that help?

The next batch of photo hints, should it prove necessary, will be closer to obv.

MORE hints:

I was there last week. I did NOT fly to get there.

The land is owned by the United States of America
(hence my ability to enjoy such a gorgeous place w/out paying a sou).

So, any guesses NOW???




  1. No idea. The only western coastal place coming to mind is Big Sur. This looks too calm to be that.

    But at least now you have a comment!

  2. good lord, succulents AND lichen? drool. so cal?! (I have no idea where you are. new reader.)

  3. It's the beautiful San Mateo Coast of central California! Okay, just because that is in my own incredible backyard, but it could be anywhere between Pismo and Pt. Reyes with that sandstone especially that lattice work in the last post. So if the feds own it, it could be Pt. Reyes National Seashore, Golden Gate National Recreation Area or the new Rancho Corral de Tierra . . . so many choices I am getting really happy to think of all the beautiful coastal parkland even if my guess is incorrect.

  4. Hee.=) Thanks for all the guesses, ladies. =) Will reveal all soon but y'all are making rockin' progress. schweet!

  5. damn. love the Big Sur area. Best Beloved and I were recently privileged to drive from san fran to LA - just a wham, bam, thank you ma'am - and at the time, PCH was flooded out, so we had to backtrack all the way to...carmel, I think. there was not NEARLY enough time to get out of the car and say hello. I have since Discerned that you are possibly from CA (my observation skills are otherworldly), so maybe the others are right...

  6. @Sarah-- Yup, California girl, through and through (tho' I've flitted about, I've landed back here). V. sad that PCH was out =( It's an AWESOME coastline. Glad you got there at least a bit. =)


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