Sunday, March 4, 2012

Show your shelf! + sign of spring


I am interested in seeing (and sharing) your power geek shelf.

By that I mean your go-to shelf when you're working and need to get answers to
detailed/technical/whatever questions you encounter specific to your field.

OR the shelf that characterizes your work most distinctively.

It could be covered in cookbooks, test tubes, wood carvings, or geiger counters.

I have 1 co-worker w/ a shelf dotted with bird nests (ornithologist),
and another w/ a nice collection of (non-human) animal skulls (wildlife biologist).

I think this'd be very fun to check out, and depending upon the results,
I may share them so we can peek into one another's professional worlds. =)

So, are you willing to share your Power Geek Shelf?

  • If so, please send (not more than 2M) photo to biobabbler at g mail dot com by March 18th. (Don't worry if the lighting is bad etc., bb can futz with that on iPhoto. =) )
  • Tell me what you do for a living, generally and specifically (if you have a specialty--either official or just a prof'l obsession).
  • Tell me how your name, pseudonym, nom-de-plume, or favorite moniker. Or I'll just call you BBP (Blindingly Brilliant Person).
  • Tell me if there's anything NOT on your shelf that you're dying to get, & 'splain.

Maybe I'll work this into a series of quizzes where we try to guess the person's profession from their Shelfish Self? So, I'll go first!


Here are a few heavie$ on a lower $helf
(note: you can JUST make out David Aurora's Mushrooms Demystified @bottom left =) )

I am a biologist, specifically a conservation biologist,
and am somewhat obsessed with the effects of roads on ecosystems
(note all the slips of paper marking places in Road Ecology)


1. The recently updated Jepson's Manual Vascular Plants of California, second edition. Drool, drool.

2. A co-worker has a new tome on bird nests, eggs, and baby bird identification. HOW FUN is it to flip through PAGE AFTER PAGE of FUZZY BABY CHICKS?!? *sigh* (covet covet covet)

3. I've GOT to upgrade my binoculars (you don't see mine in today's photo but they're frequently up there). I borrowed a co-workers and almost passed out at all the light, color, & clarity coming through.

So, that's moi. And, you?!?


1st photo = me 2 weeks ago working at home, freezing
(note: VERY thick wool sweater, wool skirt and quilted down vest)

2nd photo = me 2 days ago working at home, freezing
(this made me laugh 'cause I was psyched about my nice, prof'l outfit
but by the time I was warm, it was invisible.)

3rd photo = me today not working at home, toasty

'cause it's SPRING!!!


Please ignore the fact that I'm dressed as a bruise (black & blue). It just amuses me. Later, I'll have to change to clean out coop and work the garden. =) Then I'll be looking like a biologist, again.

Has spring (or fall) hit you yet? Has life begun to shift? Do tell.

Anyhow, Happy March, y'all!


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  1. @BB - My pro shelf is not in order! A lot of my gear/books is packed away, as my field season has not begun yet...I don't think the shelf will be blooming until next month!


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