Tuesday, March 6, 2012

new photo hints for Phriday's Photo Quiz--y'all are v. close! + bonus

Still don't have a 100% clear THIS IS THE ANSWER winner for the quiz.
LAST CHANCE TO GUESS! =) And gain limitless glory.

Here's a few helpful shots. Well 1 or 2 v. helpful, 1 or 2 just for entertainment. =)

Here begins the not-helpful, but still related to that travel venture, portion.
Tho' I love San Francisco for its own sake, I was VERY excited to see this apparently
pretty healthy coastal sage scrub remnant at Twin Peaks. SWEET!

And a shot of the hood where I stayed. bb is lucky enough to have 10,000 charming, generous
cousins, & this one housed me and my visiting friend in a cool pad in SF.

AND we went to Tartine (a stupendous bakery)
and I spent a LOT of $$$ on fanTAStic pastries. =) 


Last shot from mystery location.

Now, do you know?



  1. Looks like a fun trip. So, when are you going to cough up an answer to your quiz? That walkway in the 3rd photo is quite something.

  2. =) SOON, promise. Yes, that walkway was an interesting trip. Several stops along the way where you can pull to the side, off the walkway, and stare down at the ocean. Good stuff!!

  3. Point Reyes? We went there once, but the walkway down to the lighthouse was closed. That was okay though. I'm not a fan of winding walkways in cliffie places.


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