Sunday, May 20, 2012

hobo science--annular eclipse party in the backyard

The instrument:
poster tube w/aluminum foil on 1 end,
pierced by mechanical pencil,
shining on HIGH tech paper. =)

Geek fun
 bb's just making a circle w/her hand--the eclipse is advanced enough
that it's making everything take its shape.

Freaky annular hair; it doesn't really look like that.
It's curly, but the curls don't agree which way to go.
Unless there's an annular eclipse.

The light tried to make EVERYTHING
cast the shadow of an eclipse.

Including little pieces of light slipping through your hands,
bouncing off the poster tube, etc.
Trippy stuff.

Forgot to finish my garden during eclipse,
and fed many a mosquito,
but I've got my priorities straight.

Eclipse now, work later.


Dja do anything to view the eclipse?



  1. We had clouds. Not much else.

  2. yep, although it got kinda complicated

  3. Did you look under the trees? There could've been stomata-induced leaf-type eclipseness! A very organic way of viewing the celestial happening.

    We weren't under the shadow this time :o(

  4. OK, how do you keep track of when eclipses occur? I always seem to miss looking for them and experiencing cool stuff like you have. Love how even the shadow of your hand showed the eclipse.

  5. Viewed it through holes poked in a piece of paper, on house walls through tree shadows, human hair shadows, and through a welders mask. Was so glad it was an eclipse and not fire. The light is similarly dimmed when smoke from a fire blocks the sun.

  6. trippy indeed! Very cool! We were able to see a wee bit of it in Austin, though I was too paranoid to get more than a quick glance :) COOL!


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