Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 images 4 u: other business later


Will post answer to quiz and praise all the brave participants soon,
as well as send THANK YOUs to all the thoughtful commenters
on my conservation conversation (I just LOVE that those words are nearly twins).

All you guys rock.

In the mean time, 2 goodies from yesterday's adventures:

According to my reading of
(a beloved and infinitely valuable web resource, for me),
this is a young greater brown skink, a.k.a. Plestidon gilberti gilberti.
Looks like it dropped & regrew part of its tail, already (the grey tip).

Discovered when I, cruel gardener that I am,
removed a garden-bed-defining log to amend soil, etc.

He or she skedaddled, but kindly waited until after I took a few shots.

Also, wandered up into our (woefully neglected) orchard, a VERY rare behavior, 
and was shocked to find this: cherry tree very much alive and producing fruit!

I ate 6. YUM.

k. dassit! xoxobb

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