Tuesday, June 5, 2012

cuddling cotyledons, and sage goes wild

Plot 1 overview, filled with adorable cotyledons, post summer storm.

Each variety is planted 2 or 3 times, several seeds each site,
approx. above & below their labels.

Despite the fact that I found (on pinterest) a super smart and cheap way to
make veggie plot markers (painting rocks), haven't done it yet. =)

What I really should do today is get into my grubbies,
and pull weeds 'cause we got real summer rain, yesterday.

And my least favorite weeds are vulnerable and naive right now.
Every day afterward they will be harder, more tenacious, prickly, and mean.

Anyhow, baby pictures!!

To provide scale (in addition to the 1st above), I moved one catkin
from this shot to the next one, so you can see that
though the catkin is almost as wide as 2 leaves here...

... the catkin is only as long as 1 pumpkin cotyledon leaf.
They're huge! And crazy cute.

And here's it's sibling (w/giant catkin):


Can you tell it rained catkins,
during the super windy part of the storm,
before it rained water?

These are all yellow crookneck:

Makes me glad I planted more than one at each location,
'cause in the middle pair, the 1st one is perfect,
the 2nd one was really munched hard.

Black zucchini squash:

I kept that tiny volunteer (weed) in the shot (top left),
'cause I know months from now, when the weeds have had a chance,
I'll dream of these days, where there were almost none.

So, my sage plant looks AWESOME right now.
No idea why. I don't do a thing for it.
Well, I did rake the dead leaves away from the base.
So much sage, so little time.


D'ja get any rain??
Are you gardening this year?
Pics posted somewhere we can ogle?



  1. Cruel cruel questions! For June in Arizona

  2. Oh, yes, Margarethe, cruelty was 100% unintentional. June rain is a RARE BEAST, here, so is very exciting for us. I expect to see no more until October. *sigh*

    =) xo


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