Friday, June 8, 2012

Phriday photo quiz...

What are these for?

Feel free to let your imagination run wild.


Hints to come, if it's apparent they're needed.

And, yes, I will address the earlier quiz (radiolarian).
You know, later.

Happy weekend!!



  1. They're for sandcastle construction, obviously.

  2. slug barriers for the incredible tomatoes you are going to grow this summer. Or is that tomatos?

  3. Slug barriers for your new seedlings?

    (I have slugs on my mind these days. And in my garden.

  4. I'll hold off for the Monday readers, and post the answer tomorrow, but LOVELY submissions, ladies! =)

  5. oh, dear. Never answered this. oop.

    Those milk carton cut outs are, as Cindy and Susannah suggested, barriers for foes, but the foes I most fear are cutworms. Cutworms are baby crane flies, and the larvae will cruise through your plants at dirt level, eating the plant's entire connection between above ground and below. Super aggravating because not only is your plant now DEAD, the animal just got a TINY meal, while the rest of your rapidly desiccating plant just lays there.


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