Tuesday, June 12, 2012

baby squirrel break--'cause we all need one

 Relaxing on the porch, this afternoon, with mom.

This next one is from yesterday.
The mom lay like that, looking exhausted, for quite a while.
Poor thing. I'm thinking 4 baby squirrels in the house all day is rough.

She looked perkier today. Perhaps she's getting the hang of it all. =)



  1. oooooh...they are SO CUTE!

    mom pooped...i bet she's sooooo happy that the kids are finally keeping themselves busy so she can just stretch out and daydream about the day when the young ones can go off and take care of themselves. and then she wonders...does THAT really EVER happen!??!

  2. Crikey. I didn't realise they had that many young 'uns. No wonder mum's flat out. She's probably got a squirrel-sized coffee pot hidden in the hollow log.


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