Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gaylor Lakes Glory, whatevs (Part 1)

Finally hiked south (or is it west?) of where it looks like the lake drops off (see last post):
Elevation drops off at left.

On mah belly, toes to lake, staring westward.
May I please live here?

Cool blackened rocks in dried stream bed.

bb hearts wicked cool rocks

Mystery rock: need geologic clue.
 What's up with this rock?
Very smooth pale green coating on some of them.
Please tell me. Doesn't seem lichen-y.
Can glacial polish be green??

Yum. Springy turf + fun granite stepping stones = awesome hiking surface.

Preview from future post, wherein I hiked further north, then east...
and encountered other wonders... =)
including a few fauna.



  1. Whoa. That places looks incredible. I have the envy.

  2. The green stuff is probably the mineral epidote, which formed along fault surfaces where the rocks were shifting.

    1. Ah, delightful. Thank you SO much! I'll have to look that up. It's pretty beautiful.

  3. awesome place to wander! rocks, wildflowers...blue skies & clouds of fluff!! cool.


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