Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gaylor Lakes teaser...

Still there, still stunning.
More & more, later. =)


  1. How do you get internet access way up there? Have seen other folks post about this place. I so want to visit it, but it's a bit of a drive from the coast and we try to avoid the Yosemite area during peak summer season.

  2. Hey, Katie. =) I did NOT get internet access up there. And happily so. I do try to unplug when on such adventures. This hike was Saturday, right after we claimed a camp site, so that's why I could get this up Sunday (evening). =) And we came straight home once we packed up Sunday morning.

    Yes, park is mega-busy in the summer, but that's also when you can get up to the high country--we basically avoid Yosemite Valley during summer 'cause of crowds. This hike was NOT crowded. Oh, fyi, there are numerous camping options just OUTSIDE Yosemite NP (back in my Yose days I helped study this), so since the park sites are frequently full (esp. weekends), there are other options WELL worth looking into near every entrance the park has. =)

    1. Out of curiosity, what do you do for bearproof containers? Are they necessary at that elevation? This post reminded me of that problem:

    2. There are shots in this report of the containers Yosemite uses to thwart bears while storing garbage and food (kinda way back in the report).

      And there are bearproof canisters you can rent or buy for your food 'cause they are required if you are camping in all park wilderness, no matter the elevation. =) It's WAY in your best interest.

      I asked your interesting question of "Bear," and he said 2 things:
      1. Bear canisters (and proper food and trash storage) are required in all park wilderness, irrespective of elevation,
      2. Bears will pretty much go where there is food. If food is at a camp site at 10,500 feet, and a bear finds it, it probably won't mind the elevation. =) Food is a reward, so if they find food at campsite X once, they'll probably try again.

      Better safe than sorry! =) Thanks for the excellent questions, and now I'm going to read that post you linked us to!


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