Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gaylor lakes high Sierra heh-ven!

Circa 2007. Pretty steep hike, not long.
(oh, and I forgot, it starts at over 9,900 feet. oops!)
However, this is your reward...

tho' hopefully there's not a towering blonde blocking your view. =)

These next 2 views, in particular, kill me. Looking south.

Magic lake. Where does it go?

Pitty butterfly. Guessing a fritillary.
 Looks very much like the Callippe fritillary (Speyeira callippe) on

Rosy rocks begging you to sit, rest, soak it in.

The Gaylor Lakes MarmotMayor, below, is encouraging you to visit.

And bidding you adieu.

K. I'm now inspired.
Gotta cram this hike onto my calendar.

You? Any cool hikes you are planning,
or perhaps NEED to plan to take this summer?
Do tell.

And, btw, it's MUCH cooler at 9,000 feet than down here.
And this week's forecast is brutal.

Just sayin'. =)



  1. wonderful! I hiked to the top of Gaylor Peak (right name?) years ago on my second or third Yosemite gig in fall 2000. It was a comeback hike for me after years of debilitating Achilles problems (still struggling this summer though with it.) I'm hoping to spend a night up at Paradise this month although will likely be before the snow clears from the meadows above. Too many great hikes here on the Left Coast. BTW sunny and high 70s/low 80s here in western WA, PERFECT.

    1. Oh, Lordy, Jill, Paradise is SO PERFECT in July. It truly is perfectly named. When I worked there many MORA staff avoided it 'cause of the crowds, but I reminded them, "There's a REASON it's called Paradise." GO ANYHOW.

      Yeah. WA summer weather in Mt. Rainier at 5,000 feet? Oh, perfect. PERFECT.

      I'm SO happy for you. Prepare for a bunch of easterners driving over and trying to buy up land... those poor creatures.

      I hope your achilles gets better. Does it make you feel mythical to have such a legendary weak point? I'm sure it's super not fun (and I know you are a hiking/skiing MANIAC), but isn't it KINDA cool that it's the Achilles Heel?? =) xo

  2. Love the "Mayor"--what a cutie. ANd what a gorgeous place to hike!

  3. oh - we need to plan some hikes - no luck getting to any "real" mountains for us this year, and with the local weather at 105 F, I don't even like to walk around the block! This was a beautiful pretend hike for me, though. THANKS!

  4. i would follow that Mayor anywhere...especially THERE!
    gorgeous views...even if i have to peek around a towering blonde!

    (and thanks fore all the 'skeeter' facts (at my post), by the way!)

    1. =) You are most welcome. I think they're interesting creatures, and it can be (sort of) reassuring that the mosquito you hear buzzing in your tent as you try to sleep is NOT something that will getcha.


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