Monday, September 10, 2012

secret to picking the VERY best cantaloupe

 if you're a total bio dork/sap.

The one with flower petals still on the blossom end of the melon.
'Cause it's sweet, and reminds you of the baby melon it once was,
all baseball-sized, clambering across the earth on its pokey melon vine.


Just cute!

(Why, yes, it HAS been suggested that I'm easily amused...
Why do you ask?)



  1. "clambering across the earth on its pokey melon vine"
    --I may be easily amused myself about some things, but that's a lovely line!

  2. Ha, cute. Like the image of baby 'lopes. But my test is the finger thump and how it sounds.

  3. And THIS is why I love you guys. I am TOTAL cranky pants today (thank HEAVEN no one else is here), and you both made me smile. XOXO!

  4. This isn't the latest photo of the surface of Mars from a low orbit??

    "Today, the Joint Aerospace Firm Fruit Agency (JAFFA) released another stunning image from its orbiting satellite PLUM (Photogenically Lush Unit, Mars)."

    You sure?

  5. Hey! Who isn't easily amused? Not me. (Now I'm lost among that string of negatives.)

    And that is a gorgeous description!


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