Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the solace in nature

"to give comfort in grief or misfortune"

I needed to see that blue sky & pine needle collage,
a reflection borne within this scene,
the very moment I decided
the kitchen was clean enough,
and I had worked hard enough
to take a little break.


it is my friend,
and it keeps me humble.

=) xobb


  1. I've noticed that if I'm going to spill/drop/break something, it is ALWAYS the same day I did the floors. I think that's along the lines of New car/first ding within the first week.......

  2. Love it. And as for gravity --- imagine what sort of mess that would be without it.

  3. Ah, Life's ups and downs. Muchly impressive that you went for the digital camera before the dish cloth.

    Oh, and "Thanks!"


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