Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 harvest--STUNNING return on investment

Yup. One tomato.

'Course, we also reaped some cherry tomatoes,
but I mostly let the chickens have the ones
the ground squirrels didn't eat.

Apparently the squirrels overlooked this ONE, full-sized, lovely tomato.

And I appreciate it.


And realized today, if I get my shotgun inspected and "tuned,"
& buy some "supplies," my father-in-law (who visits soon)
might be able to rid me of said garden scoundrels in 5 minutes flat.
He's a crack shot, & a life-long hunter.

We'll see.

Of course, I'll keep you posted.




  1. But it's just so beautiful! As someone without even a place for a window-box these days, I am very envious of your solo (but gorgeous) tomato.

    I used to try to encourage our plants to fruit by labeling the balcony the "Stardust Ballroom"--which, as anyone who's seen the 1955 classic film MARTY knows, is "loaded with tomatoes."

    1. Hee. (Looks for Marty on Netflicks.... )

  2. I got 6. Six. All off the one heirloom pink Brandywine plant. All the others croaked in the heat. But those 6 were lovely.

    1. aw... I'm sorry they pooped out. But, hey, if you're only gonna' have 6, why NOT make them Brandywines?!? =) xo


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