Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh, there's FOUR fires up the street?!?

One of the roofing guys might be late returning from lunch
due to roads blocked by CHP
'cause this is a 1/4 mile down the street:

My neighbor told me about a fire, so I drove to see where it was
so I could evaluate whether or not I needed to evacuate
(with 3 chickens & 2 cats, this takes some planning).

Drove to it, it looked small, and there were already people hosing it down. YAY!

View out the truck window.

So, PHEW, and thank you fire people.
There was a plane, a helicopter already flying around, etc.
They were ON it.

I return to our house (getting out of fire folks' way), greatly relieved,
& the first roofer returns & says, or so I thought, "that's horrible."

No, apparently he said "there's four of them."


He'd spoken to a CHP guy (to be allowed back down the road to return here)
and he said that there were 4 fires (they believe set) down the same road,
and apparently there are now police crawling all over
trying to find the fire bug.

Ah, delightful.

And I must say that thinking about an arsonist who may have set these,
the first image that came to mind was my foot kicking them in the face.

Not a very nice thought,
but apparently summarizes my (most) basic feelings about this.
You endanger me,
I endanger you back.

That's probably why there's a justice system. =)

I guess I'll just try to think happy thoughts
and hope that they get all of these fires out.

I'll leave you with a blurry but I-kinda-like-it shot.



  1. Ack! I hope they *did* get all the fires out. I sympathize with the desire to inflict bodily harm on the perpetrator...

    1. =) Yup. They did get them all out, and when I saw them all (tiny and all RIGHT next to the road and all on the same side of the road) I figured they were more likely from someone who's dragging a trailer and had a chain dragging and sparking on the ground.

      4 fires in 4 miles. Shorten those chains up, people! =)

  2. oh NO!!

    ok, i just see your reply comment up above...that they DID get the fires out...and all is well.

    just seeing those pictures was making me gag for breath.

    whew! maybe you should start a neighborhood some signs along the road...
    "shorten those chains people! chain + road = SPARK = FIRE!"


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