Monday, September 17, 2012

true confessions... of a tomato

my current fave tomato, mit kitty

1920s slang: tomato = woman

I was honest at the time.
When I recently claimed my entire harvest was 1 tomato, it was.

 our purple Cherokee tomatoes:
hard to get their unusual colors to show nicely

But, since it's been pretty hot in subsequent days,
our tomatoes have been ripening.
And, I've been picking them a tiny bit early,
to beat the squirrels.

tomatoes staring longingly outside
yearning for the heat

Frankly the plants were still getting watered
only because 'cause the damp, cool soil under the large tomato plants
is the ideal place for a hot chicken
to rest and pant in the heat of the day.

And droopy plants make me sad.

Anyhow, should probably pop out now and gather a few more.
Before the squirrels do.



  1. And indeed--loaded with tomatoes!

    Hey, speaking of stunningly beautiful headers--what a photo! I feel as if I'm inside the sun. (In a good, Ray Bradbury/W.B.Yeats golden-apples-of-the-sun kind of way. :) )

    1. =) Thanks. I hadn't actually thought of that, EVEN THOUGH it's a sunflower. Cool analogy and now I see the photo differently. And, of course, that beautiful bug is a highly advanced, uber heat-loving sun-resident.

  2. Our tomato season was a little slow getting going too, but the harvest has picked up in the last few weeks. I sympathize on the squirrel front...sometimes it's a challenge to harvest anything before they do!!!

    1. Yes, a friend said the same thing. Tomatoes took a long time to ripen, but now they're ON. Every year is different.

  3. Ah yes one of my favorite times of year- the time when everyone I know is overloaded with garden tomatoes and starts forcing them upon me... Delish.

  4. Did you get a new lens? Those are artfully delicious photos.

    1. Oh, you sweet talker, you. Nope. STILL have to buy SOME lens other than the standard zoom that I have. I think it's just the morning light. It's def. the best time of day to take photos in my house. =)

    2. Part of becoming a better photographer is knowing where and when to capture the light and you have been bang-on the last few days with the stuff you've been posting. So inspirational, I think I will spend the next weekend staring at my windowsills.

    3. Oh, jeepers, thanks! I follow 2 food bloggers (joy the baker and shutterbean) and listen to their podcast (joy the baker) and they talk about (when they actually talk about food) where and when they have to put their food to get good light. So, they do most their cooking in the a.m., and one of them photographs the results on the floor by the front door--'cause that's where the good light is. =) Made me realize I could just make a TINY effort and go where I know it looks nice (east window, & the chair, floor, sill, & table that catch those rays) and things would look better. Thanks so much!!! =) And I look forward to your subsequent posts! =)


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