Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 flavors of Hallowe'en ... mWA HA HA!

Last Friday, the sight of this tarantula* caused me to
leap up from the couch with a gasp, mid-conversation,
dash for my camera,
and run out the door.

I'm polite, like that.


Gorgeous New England Pie pumpkin I offed 2 weeks ago.

Yes, it's pretty, but the ghoulish part is the stab marks you might see,
and the beads of sweat it's producing as I heat up the oven
and eye it in a way that makes it very uncomfortable...

It is no longer with us.

And last, for good luck,

our coal black cat,
frequently visible only as the places you don't see light,
even when he's in bright sunshine.

"Bear" calls him the singularity,
as in what lies at the center of a black hole.
And if a black hole isn't dark like Halloween,
I don't know what is.


Happy Halloween!!!!


*Probably a male in the genus Aphonopelma, Family Theraphosidae, native tarantulas in California, per nature.berkeley.edu. "Males are often seen wandering in search of females in the fall." Check!


  1. Happy Halloween!

    That's some spider! We get members of the same family here, although you do have to go looking for them. (I generally don't.)

    1. =) I love the way they walk. Seem to lift and lower their legs so delicately. Very impressive marching creatures. =)

  2. As someone who perpetually interrupts friends' soul-searching conversations to exclaim things like, "Oh, wow, is that a sapsucker?!", I don't see what's wrong with rushing out to get a picture of such a photogenic specimen. So fuzzy, too! Why aren't there more tarantula plush toys?

    1. So glad to hear it (cannot ignore that shiny wildlife-y thing). I KNOW, right?!?! (re: plush toy--I'd LOVE it)


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