Friday, November 2, 2012

pointillism, schmointillism: aspen art

nature's pointillism

When I was in high school I got into pointillism
when both my English and French classes
were in art history mode.

And, there was Georges Seurat,
painting in such a strange way.
It was weird. And beautiful.
And I couldn't stop staring.

Le Chahut (1889-1890) by Georges Seurat

Last weekend, pointillism was everywhere.

And I couldn't stop staring.

Of course, cameras cannot fully convey this experience.
Those trees shimmer.
Each tiny leaf wiggles to and fro,
in the faintest of breezes,
flashing brilliant colors this way and that.


And, the "shshshshsh" sound is amazing.

(like the Seurat detail shots in text books...)

We'd stopped near Lee Vining,
seeing umpteen trucks pulled over at a really nicely lit group of trees.
Thought it was a photography class.

Just two dozen photographers very quietly staring at
and shooting this amazing phenomenon.

The power of that beauty yielded a respectful silence.
People tip-toed here and there,
breathing it all in,
grateful to witness such a glorious exhibition.




  1. Beautiful. I remember in Wisconsin one fall morning watching/listening to the trees on one side and the river chuckling on the other side - no silence in that setting(especially because a rather grumpy fisher went grumbling by at one point). But the next morning, after a hard frost: leafless trees and utter stillness (except the river, which was positively mocking).

  2. That was an enchanting experience. South Africa doesn't really do autumn colour.

    1. =) Glad you enjoyed it. I certainly did! I get it re: S.A. lack of fall, since I used to live in San Diego (S.D.), which is ecologically a twin to S.A. Fall, schmall... =)


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