Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let's play Name That Gopher!

Bear alerted me to this creature's activity near our back door.
Botta's pocket gopher, a.k.a. valley pocket gopher,
a.k.a. Thomomys bottae.

Tho' fast moving (so somewhat blurry),
you can still make out the stylish white spot on its head.

No real clue to it's gender, so unshackle your imagination,
and let it roam wild, free to encounter any suitable moniker.

Please submit your suggestions in comments.

=) Thanks!!

The prize, as ever, is GLORY!


p.s. now that I look at it more closely, the white marks could very well be where fur is NOT, and is in the shape of their impressive incisors, so perhaps our little friend is a bad-wild-donkey little fighter!


  1. Bob, or Roberta if a girl. But I had a girl cat named Bob.

  2. Target? Doornail? CatChow? Curtains? Your ass is grass? Aunt Patsy's nemisis? Gopher Frozen Yogurt? Gopher Ice Cream? Gopher a trap?

    1. Hee. Me thinks you are a gardener, and have dealt with their mighty digging powers.
      And you are also my ultra charming aunty. =) xoxoxo

  3. I figure all gophers are named Doug. At least the gentleman gophers, anyway.

  4. Dozer? Digger? Dung Beetle?


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